The Black Eyed Peas

Traveled along with the Black Eyed Peas as they toured South America and Asia.

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Los Figur is a new way to book a videographer on-demand.
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Schedule a production in a matter of seconds

Our team puts you in control of your productions and keeps a stress free environment.
Our video producers are hands on and experts in creating videos.

You let us know when and where

You let us know when and where. Los Figur has the best videographers and will take care of the rest.


We do the heavy lifting

Los Figur will bring their professional-video equipment to your location at your chosen time, and you can relax, you are in the hands of an experienced video producer.


Videos Ready to Review

Within 24-48 hours of your shoot, your videos will be delivered with one-click downloading or we can go straight into post-production editing.

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Los Figur is a wonderful production company to work for!!

Paul Bielkiewicz

Great team, great people. They went above and beyond for my company and delivered an end product that exceeded my expectations. Highly professional, organized and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Dan and team.

Phil Stein

I loved working with Dan and his team members. Their approach is the perfect combination of focused professionalism with laid back execution. It was great to be in the company of a highly skilled and experienced production crew that was well prepared, which allows everything to fall into place. These are the type of business relationships we all need!






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