Water Taxis and Classic Bicycles with a Manhattan Skyline
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This was captured across the river in Williamsburg, Brooklyn looking onto a beautiful Manhattan skyline. The water taxis were active that day and a couple classic bicycles were captured in the foreground to build depth in the video.

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Rainbow Streamers in the Wind Callao, Peru

Rainbow colored fabric blowing in the wind above the streets in Callao, Peru.

Sunset Water Taxi in Manhattan Headed to New Jersey Waterfront

Water taxi pulling in and taking off toward New Jersey.

Downtown Manhattan World Trade Center from Broadway

Video from the street looking toward downtown Manhattan

Sonoma Valley Winery with Directional Sign

Fall colors throughout the Sonoma Valley adding a different tint to the wine tasting experience.

Midday Traffic and Airplane Runway at LAX

Outside LAX looking onto the runway and traffic loops in the afternoon.

Evening Traffic and Airplane Runway at LAX

Airplane and car traffic coming and going from LAX airport with partial view of the runway and ramps at dusk.

Warm to Cool Gradient Over the Sonoma Valley

The clouds were sitting low in the valley as the sun rose and the colors began to change from dark blue to a bright yellow. This was captured on Oakville Grade Road, a great road if you are taking a motorcycle between the Napa and Sonoma valleys. The gradient created by the sunrise is breathtaking and had to be recorded.

Bodega Bay Northern California

As you head out of San Francisco up to the Highway 1 you will see a small costal town called Bodega Bay with great state parks and beaches. A good place to stop before heading up the winding costal roads.

Costal Cliffs and Vistas on a Cloudy Day in Northern California

Just off the highway 1 there is a resort called Timber Cove that overlooks the Pacific ocean.